Boiler Replacement in Kent, WA

Boiler Replacement in Kent, WA

HVAC Service Pros was contacted by a homeowner in Kent, WA who had previously hired a general contractor to remodel his 1950’s home.

The contractor who remodeled his home, failed to ensure that heat was being delivered to the primary suite and office room of the home.

The homeowner asked if we could correct this issue, as he had been living without heat in these areas of the home for six years, he also wondered if there was a more modern and efficient solution to heat his home and his hot water. He was also curious if something could be done to dress up, his aging baseboard radiators and make them look more presentable.

We assured him that absolutely we could take care of every one of those requests. A proposal was prepared to remove his old failing cast iron gas fired boiler which heated his house and his energy consuming electric hot water heater; and replace them with a modern gas fired, condensing combination boiler/tankless water heater, as manufactured by Lochinvar. A 150k BTUH Lochinvar ‘Noble” combi boiler was installed, along with three Taco zone circulators in lieu of zone valves, as zone valves are notoriously prone to failures, and are known to cause overheating and under heating in the various zones of homes.

His old baseboard radiator covers were removed and were replaced with new modern looking covers that closely match the look of European style baseboard radiators.

The home now has a system that operates at 95% efficiency, which is a huge improvement over the 75% efficient boiler that was removed, and the laundry room no longer has an un-sightly water heater residing in it.

All areas of the home are now at the comfort levels that one would expect to have from a hydronic radiant system, completely free of cold drafts. The new radiator covers, provided the finishing touch to the home, bringing it out of 1950 and into the 21st century, and there is now no need for electric space heaters to reside in the primary suite.

Service provided: Boiler Repair & Installation

Location: Puyallup, WA

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